Programme List

Day 1

No. Time Programme
01 08.00-09.00 Registration & Morning Coffee
02 09.00-09.30 How to Use a Free Legal Bondage Cosmeceuticals in Aesthetic Practice
Dra. Kustantinah, Apt., M.App.Sc.
Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan
03 09.30-10.00 Special Access for Unregistered Cosmetic Materials in Aesthetic Practice
Dra. Tety Sri Indrawati, Apt. M.Kes.
Bina Farmasi dan Alat Kesehatan
04 10.00-10.30 Ethicomedicolegal in Aesthetic Medicine
dr. Agus Purwadianto, Sp.For
Konsil Kedokteran Indonesia
05 10.30-11.15 Opening CeremonyCommittee
06 11.15-12.30 Friday Praying and lunch + Press conference
07 12.30-13.00 Beauty Solution from Within Concept for Hyperpigmentation Problem
Dr. Nenden Soebarna SpKK
08 13.00-13.30 V Shape : The Latest and The Safest Facial Contouring and Shaping Device
Dr. Enrina Diah Sp.BP
08 13.30-14.00 The Synergy of Fractional CO2 Laser and RF in Acne Scars Therapy
Dr. Nicola Zerbinati
09 14.00-14.30 Application of  Fractional 980nm Diode Laser for Safe Hair Removal On Dark Skin Type IV, V, VI  FitzPattrick
Dr. Chandrashekar
10 14.30-14.45 Question & Answer
11 14.45-15.15 Coffee Break
12 15.15-15.45 A Novel Radiofrequency Technology (CORE® Technology) for Non-Invasive Body Contouring  and Skin Tightening Applications
Dr. James Chan
13 15.45-16.15 Mistral Light Heat Energy in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris
Dr. Kristiana Etnawati MPH,SpKK
14 Panel Discussion
dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja  – DPR RI Komisi 9 –
Dr. Supriyantoro, Sp.P., MARS (Dirjen BUK)
15 16.45-17.15 Panel Discussion: Kesehatan Estetika, diantara Harapan Masyarakat Indonesia, Regulasi Pemerinrtah, Peran IDI dan Tantangannya
Moderator: dr. Teguh Tanuwidjaja
Nara sumber: 1. Dirjen BUK Depkes RI, Dr. Supriyantoro, SpP., MARS
2. Sekjen IDI, Dr. Slamet Budiarto, SH, MH Kes
3. Komisi IX DPR RI
16 17.15-17.30 Question & Answer

Day 2

No. Time Programme
01 08.30-09.00 Beauty Solution from within Concept for Wrinkle Problem
Dr. Abraham Arimuko, SpKK (K)
02 09.00-09.30 A Unique Combination of Urinary Trypsin Inhibitor and FGF-1 to Reverse Skin Aging
dr. MMV. Lianywati Batihalim., M.S., Sp.Ok., M.Biomed
03 09.30-09.45 Question & Answer
04 09.45-10.15 Coffee Break
05 10.15-10.45 New Frontiers in RF Technology for Volumizing, Reducing Acne Scars, and for Complete Facial Rejuvenation
Dr. Wichai Hongcharu
06 10.45-11.15 Leave your Old Fashion Filler and Grab the New Technology One
Dr. Carmelo Protopapa
07 11.15-11.45 NASHA® (Non-animal Stabilyzed Hyaluronic Acid) is More Than Just a Filler
Dr. Lis Surachmiati Sp.KK
08 11.45-12.00 Question  & Answer
09 12.00-13.00 Lunch
10 13.00-13.30 Synchronized Natural Regenerating System :  A  New Anti-Aging Strategy Defends The Skin’s Stress Capital
dr. MMV. Lianywati Batihalim., M.S., Sp.Ok., M.Biomed
11 13.30-14.00 Synchronized Natural Regenerating System :  A  New Anti-Aging Strategy Defends The Skin’s Stress Capital
dr. MMV. Lianywati Batihalim., M.S., Sp.Ok., M.Biomed
12 14.00-14.30 East Meets West : Beauty is Health Made Visible
Dr. Adiningsih Srilesta, M.Epid.,M.KEs., Sp.Ak and Jon Canas
13 14.30-15.00 Revolutionary Fine Thread Contour to Revive Origin of Cell Life
Dr. Hong Jeong Gun
14 15.00-15.15 Question & Answer
15 15.15-15.45 Coffee Break
16 15.45-16.15 Scientific Connection Between Internal Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine
Prof. Dr. Zubairi Djoerban, Sp. PD-KHOM
17 16.15-16.45 Best Peeling Treatment Enhance The Result of Various Aesthetic Field
Dr. Lilik Norawati,Sp.KK.
18 16.45-17.15  How to Diagnose and Manage Body Dysmorphic Disorder in Aesthetic Practice
Prof. Dr.  Marlina S. Mahajudin,SpKJ(K)
19 17.15-17.30 Question & Answer

Day 3

No. Time Classroom A Classroom B Classroom C
01 08.30-09.15 The effect of HBOT in Wellness and Supporting Aesthetic Therapy
Dr. H. Harijanto Mahdi, Sp.THT, Sp.KL
Must Know About Sport Medicine for Slimming and Rejuvenation
Dr. Michael Triangto, Sp. KO
Hormonal Replacement Therapy in the Concept of Anti Aging Medicine
Prof. Dr. dr. Wimpie Pangkahila,SpAnd, FAACS
02 09.15-10.00 The Role of HBOT Therapy in Aesthetic Practice
Prof. Dr. dr. Hj. Dina Mahdi, SpPD-KAI, SpKL, SH
Diet Planning for Patient in Slimming Program for Better Result
Prof. Dr. dr.Walujo Soerjodibroto,MSc, SpGK
East Meet West : 5 Element  Treatment for Skin Problem
Dr. Adiningsih Srilesta, M.Epid, M.Kes, Sp.Ak and Jon Canas
03 10.00-10.30 Coffe Break Coffe Break Coffe Break
05 10.30-11.15 Advanced Phototherapy for Asian Skin
Dr. James Chan
New Technology for Slimming with a Complete Presso-Therapy
Dr.  Stephan Hoyoux
Polydioxanone Thread for Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle, Stretchmark, etc
Dr. Tan Yuanita Agustina
Dr. Susanti C. E. Tanujaya
Safe Slimming with Homeopathy
Dr. Suyati Utoyo
Revolutionary Fine Thread Contour to Revive Origin of Cell Life

Dr. Hong Jeong Geun

08 12.00-13.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
09 13.00-13.45 Benefits of Carboxy Therapy in Aesthetic Dermatology Application
Dr. Simona Blidar
Neck and Hand Rejuvenation
Dr. Lanny Juniarti
Advanced Filler Technology For Facial Volumizing and Optimizing Your Results Using a Novel Filler Injection Device
Dr. Nenden Soebarna, Sp.KK
10 13.45-14.30 Nd:Yag Laser Application in Pigmentation and Tattoo Removal
Dr. Nicola Zerbinati
Latest Body Peeling for Best Skin Rejuvenation
Dr. FX Hanny Suwandhani Sp.KK
Remodeling with Hyaluronic Acid for Tear Trough and Cheek using Soft Needle
Dr.Maria Cristina Alcaraz Puyat
11 14.30-15.15 Concerning  Sunblock for tropical countries
Dr. Amaranila Lalita Sp.KK
How to Prevent and Manage PIH in Chemical Peeling
Dr. FX Hanny Suwandhani Sp.KK
Total Face Lift with Elastic Canulla with Hyaluronic Acid
Dr. Lis Surachmiati Sp.KK
12 15.15-16.00 The Role of Moisturization of The Skin After Laser TreatmentSpeaker
Dr. Peter Hasan H.W
How to Make Scientific Paper in Aesthetic Medicine
Dr. Ago Harlim, Sp.KK
Combination Method to Treat Acne Scar with Fractional Radiofrequency and Vitamin A Proprionate
Dr. Fanny Imanudin S
13 16.00-16.15 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break

There will be free paper and poster session during the time of seminar, the participant are requested to give a short presentation at poster side. Three(3) nominates of the best paper will be judged and rewarded on December 18, 2011. Subject of the free paper should be clinical cases or research.
Copy of the free paper, curriculum vitae and Perdesti member card should be sent to secretariat before December 5, 2011. The summary on poster sized 90cm x 120cm has to be ready on December 15, 2011.
Every active Perdesti member are invited to participate in this free paper competition.